West side of Bells Beach

It was a warm sunday in spring when Shack and I decided to go take photos....

After a looooong wait for fish taco's at Blackman's Brewery Torquay - that ended in free fried prawns, we were fueled up and ready for our photo expedition. Shack and I had a quick look at the Torquay main beach (as you do), before we headed south, along the great ocean road to Bells Beach. When we arrived we were met with a real surprise - sea fog. It was midday! It was very strange. I initially wondered if it would put a dampender on things. But I instantly remembered a bunch of cool shots Trey Ratcliff had taken at Burning Man, during the many dust storms they experienced......wait! what!? Burning Man ?? ...ok, I conceed, it's not exactly desert here, but the same idea applied - fog/dust, same/same :-)

About to take the plounge

The moment a frigid surfer meets an equally frigid ocean. Being the start of spring the Southern Ocean's water still holds the frosty temperatures of our winter. The coldest winter in 25 years I might add. This spot was at the base of the long winding steps, west of Bells Beach proper.

After surveying a few sets the fully-sealed surfer found a clean spot to jump in. With loose thongs and some costly camera gear in-hand I then dared to clamber over a surging gap in the rocks you see above. On the otherside, to my surprise, was a flat reef, that stretched for hundreds of meters east, over the main Bells Beach surf arena. The sea fog stretched east as far as I could see west.

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