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Mike Farrell - MASH - Drawing

Mike Farrell holding my drawing

THE STORY: As a HUGE fan of MASH the tv show, I made it a fun mission of mine to try to draw and film the entire cast of MASH.

I started with Alan Alda, before moving on to Harry Morgan and Lorretta Swit..

My next character, was logically Mike (as I know him *big grin*), or as most of you know him BJ Hunnicut - Mike Farrell. I always had a soft spot for BJ, as he was Hawkeye's trusty sidekick, and everyone needs a trusty sidekick!

So as the story goes: I had my drawing of Mike on Youtube for maybe a year, when one day I received a comment from someone claiming to be friends with Mike. I thought 'Yeah yeah, sure thing. It's probably just another troll trying to rev me up'  (You get that a lot on Youtube! But it's all part of the fun). Then, after a brief exchange with this person, he went on to say:

"Adam....I talked to Mike and he would like your regular email address if you have something that mundane, we don't do "facebook"...we're over 70....he's excited about getting the drawing or a copy and it is much simpler if he contacts you directly"

With great intrigue and excitement, while still habouring some reservations I thought 'wow, this might be the real deal, I mean who would claim they know Mike, and then actually have someone impersonate him?!'.

Then, thinking 'What have I got to loose?' , I sent through my email address to *Mike*. And the next day I received this:

" the introductions:

Mike, please say hello to my new BFF Adam Israel...

Adam, say hello to my old BFF Mike Farrell

OK you guys are on your own....Adam you may have to tell him what BFF means, he's real old....gonna be 72 next month....whoa is that old or what?....Adam is 25 Mike and way hipper than you and me and hes already living tomorrow, but therein lies the beauty of the internet....

And because i asked, Adam has assured me that he is not a serial killer and he wondered if you might offer the same assurance...just sayin


At this point I'm thinking 'WOW! I think this is legit'. What came next gave me goosebumps all over!


My friend **** **** tells me he's been in touch with you about the YouTube video he sent me.

I thought the way you - or whomever - did the video was terrific. And it was quite a surprise.

I have to tell you I was knocked out by your work and would love to have a copy, if that's possible, of the drawing you did of me.

As I understand it, you've done drawings of most of the cast. Have you been in touch with any of them?

I hope to hear from you.


Mike Farrell"

My very first reaction to this was 'Yeah!  'I've been in contact with the entire cast'....How the hell do you get in direct contact with the entire cast of MASH?!'  But through Mike's apparent niavity in proposing I had the means of contacting the entire cast, I got a real sense of humilaity from Mike.

What followed was many emails back and forth (which I still have and treasure today). Throughout, we talked about life in general, Politics, Australia, how he came here promoting the show and presented at the Logies, how he rode a motorbike around Australia, and many more stories and topics. I joked that he had seen more of Australia than I had.

The whole experience was surreal. It confirmed to me beyond any doubt, that the characters on MASH were as wonderful, passionate, engaging and humble off-screen as they were on.

When I received that image of Mike holding my picture it was huge for me. It felt like christmas for one. But as you can probably imagine in gave me great validation that my drawings really meant something, and at the very least - were'nt 'half bad'.

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